About Us


PYL is a Professional League with 20 teams of extreme sport Games .
Created with aspects of acrobatics and special physical capacities using 8 modules to play , the participants are both male and female representing one team to win the PYL World Grand Prize

Our objective is to provide new opportunities, benefits and profits to all gymnastics community and elite investors. Our vision is to build and expand a unique division internationally.


  1. PYL Is the Top place in the league where the professional Play to win the World Grand Prize
  2. PYL Recruitment Division. Is where the teams owners selectees the players for the PYL professional Team
  3. PYL Súper Club 18 and under. Is where the private clubs have the opportunity to be part of the PYL and qualify for a world championship call super club.


These concepts are considered mandatory rules.

  1. The Professional Yinastic League (PYL) is a Professional League of coed teams (Women and Men).
  2. The players will obtain awards per team, not by individuals.
  3. The players can have individual records, by module or by general performance; the teams will also have records.
    1. The PYL regulation does not permit changes to the original version. In case of a change, it would be to improve the PYL in
      respect to the concepts of the original version.
    2. The authorized changes will be advised before the new competition season and will not be drastic changes.
    3.  The concept of the league is that the rules will be known by all (general participants and fans) for this reason there will be no
      changes to the original version without a grand justification of importance




SAUL COFIÑO (ESP) - General Secretary PYL

MARTA LABRADA (ITA) - Women Technical Director PYL

TYLER SCHAAL (USA) -Technical Referee Director

YOSBANY VEGA (USA) - Chief Referee Technical PYL

PAULA MARANO (ITA) - New Business Developer

PETRIX BARBOSA (POR) - Player Representative

ANNIA HATCH (USA) - Technical Director of Coachs

JUAN ROSALES (ECU) - Chief Comunications PYL