Annia Hatch & Yin Álvarez in Naples

US Olympic Coach Yin Alvarez, President of the PYL Professional Sports Corporation and Olympic gymnast Annia Hacth, double silver medallist at Athena 2004, who is also in charge of the “PYL Women’s Sector”, will soon be travelling to Italy.
who is also in charge of the “PYL Women’s Sector”.
The gymnasts of the southern Italian coastal city of Naples, a city full of historical treasures of humanity and cradle of world art, are preparing to welcome the two illustrious visitors of the sport of Olympic and world gymnastics to develop an International Technical School on 29/30 May 2021.
The activity is part of the planned organisation of the “PYL Games System Launch and Exhibition Project” which has been scheduled for this month in the city.
The pandemic situation in which the European country continues to be involved and the current limitations for the realization of international events of private shows and the difficulty of visa for entry to various countries where we have gymnasts participating in the event, recommends a change of dates for the realization of the “Exhibition of the Professional Yinastic Game System.
The Corporation is currently in discussion also with the administrative forces of the territory with which there is a respectful collaboration and considering that the event will always be held in Italy and before the end of the year 2021.
The event International School with Alvarez and Annia is sponsored by the Society Campania 2000 of Naples (federal pole) and the Gymnastics Federation of the area and as a continuation of the “virtual event” held through the app ZOOM with the “ASD Campania 2000 of Naples where different “exercises of preparation for the Kachet on Fixed and Asymmetric Bars” were discussed, an event developed with excellent participation of technicians and societies in the area.
Also and as part of the international outreach program of the professional league of YINASTIC, “PYL”, our President in charge Yin Alvarez traveled today Friday May 14, 2021 to the Central American nation of El Salvador invited by the Gymnastics Federation of that country, where he will make a “Technical School” for a week in view of the preparation for the Continental Games.
We wish Yin every success.

“All together we will be better”.
PYL Direction.