Expert referees ready to dictate course

During the various months of preparation, we have accomplished the official certification of our three PYL (Professional Yinastic League) referee experts, a project with a unique sports development in the world.

PYL is an independent project, patented in the United States of America, its objective is to develop games with the beginnings of gymnastics, with teams completely independent to any other regulatory body.

In our team, today we count with Yosbany Vega, North American, who will be who will teach the referee course in Spanish language; also we have the expert Tyler Schaal, who will have the responsibility to give class in English language; while joining our list, Marta Isa Labrada, who will have the opportunity to give the course in Italian language, being that Naples, Italy; will be headquarters to our first game for the month of May in the form of “Launch”.

PYL it is fulfilling all the parameters to be a part of the independent sports scene; but we expanded the concept of Professional, to give it the respective value that the athletes deserve today. As also, the respect of those who will be part of us to value the sport; the referees. The training of the future referees of our league has the date for the 27th, 28th of February and the 7th of March; which is the final evaluative instance. In which we are searching in a special way for those wishing to develop an alternative