Gervasio Deferr: “If we start to make the right decisions, it will be easy to see clearly”


I had a very bad two years after I retired. Because you stay, suddenly, one day being an Olympic champion.
The next day, “What do I do with my life?
I mean, now I have to work? I have to train? I have to?
That I have to do? A bit disoriented right?

Then when I returned to Barcelona it was difficult.
It was quite complicated. Is what i say.
Until I find my place, a year and a half, two years.
And making mistakes and learning more every day.

We are not yet prepared as a country to take on this challenge of helping athletes when they are retiring.
I have managed to have this gym in the neighborhood. What or wanted.
But not everyone is Gervasio Deferr and has the chance or the luck to throw away the resources that I have thrown away.
And yet they have left their life the same.
They have made the same or more effort than me.
And yet those are ignored as much.
And they were also members of the Spanish team.
Not the best, but without those we don’t make a team.

I mean…
You have to understand the value of each of the team members. Not only the one who wins is worth it.
I chose this project in the La Mina neighborhood because I come from a family without resources. And through sports my life changed.

I thought that where better than where there are fewer resources.

I have people from the neighborhood with few resources. And People from other parts of Barcelona, ​​who have nothing to do with La Mina and also have few resources.

Or there are people from La Mina who have resources and who are doing well. I mean, it’s not that all those who are bad are from here, and all those who are good are from there. That is not like that.

Simply once they pass that door, they are all the same for me.
Even me.
I am the teacher, but I am not more than them.

It is true that many times they listen to me more or pay attention to me than to parents or teachers.

But it’s because we are doing something that is fun for them all the time.

They see that, instead of telling him, like all children, they are always told “don’t put you up here, be careful there”
I tell them: “Get on, get on, get on everything”
And then like: “FUCK THAT GUAY !!”

And they let me do everything, but with control, because if we can’t, we can hurt ourselves a lot.
And then I explain very much from my experience and my empirical knowledge the damage that I did to myself as a child by not having someone aware of what. “Be careful with that, you can hurt yourself a lot.”

And in the end they understand, they are not stupid, they are children.
But they have an incredible capacity

Everything I’ve been through has been worth it to be able to be like this today.
And knowing myself as I know myself and being able to have learned everything I have learned and change my life in some aspects.

Nothing happens, it would happen again. The same I say when I was an athlete. When I tested positive for marijuana in 2002, at the world championship, it would happen again. Because there I realized that I was making a mistake and that I had to change.

I changed.

It also showed me who was unconditionally by my side. And who only put himself in the photo when he won.
I was 19 years old and I was a child and I didn’t know anything.

If we start to make the right decisions, it will be easy to see clearly.