Imabayashi retires

Japanese gymnast Kaito Imabayashi confirmed his retirement from the Japanese gymnastics team, very close to the Tokyo Olympics. Maybe he saw that he couldn’t get a spot on the team and didn’t want to fight for him anymore. It’s just our imagination or he decided to quit for no reason.

6 months before Tokyo the Japanese Imabayashi apparently wants an honorable retirement “I know they will not select me, so I am leaving earlier.” He commented in an interview for the local Japanese press. It is a very Japanese approach what he commented.

Belonging to the national team in Japan is very tough. Let’s remember that Mai Murakami was injured in 2019 and since she had not recovered in October, she did not participate. But there was no recourse. Outside.

Imabayashi with only 26 years of age and a native of Yamagata, was a star, achieved a medal in the World Cup in Brazil and Germany throughout his career, being a specialist in Pommel Horse.