💎 Diamond

They will be the exclusive sponsors, they will not have competition from any product of their own brand and they will be in all promotions, videos and events carried out by the PYL, also in the uniforms of the players and the referees and employees of the PYL.

🥇 Gold

They will be announced in all PYL events, SPONSORS videos and graphics and digital, but they will not be exclusive, they will not appear on the uniforms of the players or referees but on the uniforms of the employees.

⭐ Star

“Golden Star” :
They are advertised for one year.

“Silver Stars”:
They are advertised for 6 months.
-both will be on the P&L website and in the videos and event programs.

* Rates applicable to this group of sponsors.

Golden Star $ 75.00 per month for one year.
Silver Star $ 100.00 monthly for 6 months

Contact: info@pylsport.org