We continue to grow with new Sponsors.

After signing with GIMNASIALATINA for the promotion of our brand for the Spanish-speaking public, now it is Jymnaction’s turn, a company from Japan, who has trusted a lot in our project.

Our new sponsor JYMNACTION (Japan+Gymnastics+Connection) under the motto, “We will build a bridge to the world”, aims to provide guidance in gymnastics, support for studying abroad, and support in sporting events in various countries of the world. Their goal has the potential to expand “your personal growth” and “your future career”. In addition, they use the experiences of their coaches to support those who want to face different challenges.

As well as Jymnaction, an excellent contribution for our League, we want you to join this great journey for the development of our sport, from another perspective, another look, a way to make a difference, especially for the benefit of the athletes, coaches, and everyone around.