Yin Alvarez in El Salvador

On the weekend of December 11 to 13, the President of PYL, Yin Alvarez, was holding a training camp in San Salvador – El Salvador, which had a large attendance of gymnasts of all ages and categories, an event which even included important personalities in the field of Salvadoran and continental gymnastics.

Yin’s knowledge was distributed to all attendees, in which they felt satisfied with their visit to the Central American country.

Likewise, this trip helped to expand the brand in the Latin American country for the better organization of the next events that we are going to have in the Professional League, which for the moment we will have the PYL arbitration course.

Upon his return to Miami – USA, Yin began to plan actions with the work team for what will be the referees course and the next Yinastic events that will take place in 2021.